Scholarstown Road

This website relates to a proposed Strategic Housing Development by Ardstone Homes Limited at a 5.35 hectare site located north of Scholarstown Road incorporating dwellings known as ‘Beechpark’ and ‘Maryfield’, Scholarstown Road, Dublin 16, D16 X3X8 and D16 N6V6. Works are also proposed to Scholarstown Road and Woodfield junction including new traffic signals, the elimination of the left-turn slip-lane into Woodfield off Scholarstown Road, upgraded public lighting and upgraded cycle and pedestrian facilities on an area measuring 0.7 hectares, providing a total application site area of 6.05 hectares..

The development will principally consist of: the demolition of all existing structures on site which include a single story dwelling known as ‘Beechpark’ (172 sq m), a 2 No. storey dwelling known as ‘Maryfield’ (182 sq m), with associated garage/shed (33.5 sq m) and associated outbuildings (47.1 sq m); and the construction of 590 No. residential units (480 No. Build-to-Rent apartment units and 110 No. Build-to Sell duplex units and apartments), ancillary residential support facilities and commercial floorspace. The total gross floor space of the development is 51,252 sq m over a partial basement of 5,888 sq m (which principally provides car and bicycle parking, plant and bin stores).

The 480 No. ‘Build-to-Rent’ units will be provided in 8 No. blocks as follows: 7 No. blocks ranging in height from part 5 to part 6 No. storeys (Blocks B1 – B5, C1 and C3) and 1 No. block ranging in height from part 4 to part 6 No. storeys (Block C2) and will comprise 246 No. one bed units and 234 No. two bed units. The 110 No. ‘Build-to-Sell’ units will be provided in 9 No. duplex blocks which will be 3 No. storeys in height (Blocks A1 – A9) and will comprise 55 No. two bed units and 55 No. three bed units.

The development will also consist of the provision of a part 1 to part 2 No. storey ancillary amenity block (Block D1) (414 sq m) within the central open space which comprises a gymnasium, lobby, kitchenette and lounge at ground floor level and lounge at first floor level in addition to a roof terrace (facing north, south and west) to serve the Build-to-Rent residents; a 2 No. storey retail/café/restaurant building (Block D2) (657 sq m) comprising 2 No. retail units at ground floor level (328.5 sq m) and a café/restaurant unit at first floor level (328.5 sq m); a creche (438 sq m) within Block C2 at ground floor level; and a management suite (261 sq m) and café/restaurant (288 sq m) within Block C3 at ground floor level.

The development provides a vehicular access off Scholarstown Road between Blocks C1 and C3 towards the south-east corner of the site; a separate pedestrian access and emergency vehicular access off Scholarstown Road between Blocks A9 and C2 towards the south-west corner of the site; the facilitation of a pedestrian connection from the north-east corner of the subject site to the public open space in Dargle Park; 459 No. car parking spaces (178 No. at basement level and 281 No. at surface level); bicycle parking; bin storage; boundary treatments; private balconies and terraces; hard and soft landscaping; plant; services; sedum roofs; PV panels; substations; lighting; and all other associated site works above and below ground.